Electrical Products

Odyssey Integrated Services is a growing business enterprise with high levels of motivation. We have a dynamic team of well qualified professionally experienced Engineers in the areas of information technology, Civil, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering.

We believe that our commitment to quality, on time delivery backed by our qualified staff and extensive products range will provide you with the necessary confidence that we can provide a complete solution to your requirements.

Our clientele list includes many prestigious names along with other small to medium size customer.

We offer the following Electrical Products:


Power and Control Cables


We provide a comprehensive range of cables and wires. The suppliers of the cables are reputed manufacturers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Earthling protection

The earth termination network connects to the down conductor network at the base of the building, and provides the means through which lightning current is dissipated to the general mass of earth.

The range of products includes earth rods, plates, clamps, inspection pits and all other accessories to form a complete earthling protection.

Lightning Protection

The function of an external lightning protection system is to intercept, conduct and disperse a lightning strike safely to earth.

Without such a system, a building's structure and the people, equipment and electrical systems around or within it, are all at risk. Lightning strikes, or even electrical discharges resulting from nearby lightning, can cause damage or injury in many ways. Lightning can cause fires, explosions, chemical release or mechanical disruption within or around a structure.

The range of products including air terminal rods, tape fixings, earthling conductors and all other accessories to form a complete Lightning protection.